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PURE Natural Collagen Booster 30g

Its been 19 days and i still haven't felt the effects and benefits however I will still be taking it as it may still work.

I’m loving it

Take it in the mornings with my smoothie, tasteless and super easy! My hair has also become slightly thicker and stronger.

Best Nails Ever!

My nails can now grow longer without splitting and are virtually indestructible!

PURE Natural Collagen Booster

Great product!!

I'm seeing the results already after taking it for two weeks. My nails is definitely way stronger than before. Also I have acne-prone skin and this product actually starts to clear my skin. Looking forward to see more results from it!
Both my boyfriend and I love how easy it can be mixed with any food and drinks (this product is tasteless!)

PURE Natural Collagen Booster

PURE Natural Collagen Booster

Natural Collagen Booster

I am loving this product! I take it with my morning coffee and in the last few months have noticed my fingernails are stronger and with less breakages.
Would definitely recommend it!
Thank you

Found my holy grail

I’m not really into supplements but after seeing this product I was intrigued. I have been using this every day for 2 months and I found my nails became thick and strong especially as I do heavy lifting which usually breaks my nails and I haven’t had a breakage since using this powder. My hair has also become slightly thicker and stronger. My husband was so impressed with my results he has started using it as well and noticed his nails especially strong. Highly recommend and easy to drink each day with just water.

PURE Natural Collagen Booster

Definitely making a difference!

Six weeks in and starting to really notice a difference with my nails and skin. Will totally keep using it and am looking forward to more results in the coming months.

Natural Collagen Booster

I am unable to review the product as I have only been using this for a week. I feel it is the sort of product needed to be used over a considerable length of time before any results could be detected.
It is very easy to take. I mix with morning muesli and cannot detect any taste.
I will continue to use this as there must be many internal benefits.
Thank you
Kind regards

PURE Natural Collagen Booster

PURE Natural Collagen Booster

Love this product

Fantastic product very easy to take works very well very happy with it

To early yet

A bit to early to notice anything.

Great product!

Take it in the mornings with my coffee, tasteless and super easy! Have noticed a massive change in my nails so far.

Great product!

Have tried it before and love it! I take it every morning!

Helped my psoriasis!!

I'm seeing results for my skin already! Especially for my psoriasis flare ups, I've tried so many topical treatments and beauty powders but I haven't seen real results for those like I have with the PURE collagen booster. Will continue to buy and support


I have been taking the collagen booster everyday since I received it, and I am obsessed!! I have definitely seen results & will continue using it 😍😍

Great results!

After only 2 weeks of using the Natural Collagen Booster powder I have noticed a huge change in my nail health! I have never ever had strong nails, now they are long and strong naturally with no breakage!
My hair is starting to grow a little faster but hasn’t changed dramatically yet. Though with time, I’m sure I will see more results in my hair health.
Love the product- doesn’t have a nasty taste, blends up great in my morning smoothie and is so easy to remember to take!
Thanks a lot for creating a natural collagen product!


I absolutely love this product because it has so many great benefits, and it doesn’t even have a bad taste!! I put it in my smoothies and I love it! Xo

Great long term results!

It took a bit of time to reap the results, but after taking the PURE Natural Collagen Booster over the last couple of months, I’ve seen a great difference in my nails! I used to have terribly thin, break-prone nails for many years but since taking this supplement, my nails have gotten thicker, stronger and brighter!

Goes into everything

This is the sneaky way I make sure my husband and I get our daily collagen. I put it in everything. Smoothies, soups, sauces, cereal milk... it’s great!

Great results for my hair

Dyed my hair a dark chocolate brown colour about 2 months ago, which was about the same time I started taking PURE. As I have been travelling for the past 3 months, I had no time to touch up my roots. I’m not sure if it because of PURE but my hair has grown 7cm within this time and I have crazy regrowth! In the past I didn’t really need to touch up because my natural hair colour is quite dark anyway and I guess my hair grew quite slow. I have also noticed less hair fall-outs after I wash and brush my hair!