Protein Mousse Bowl

Protein Mousse Bowl

Can’t get enough of my PROTEIN MOUSSE BOWL using silken tofu!

Simply blend together one container of silken tofu (300g), 1 tbsp Gypsy Rose latte for the pretty pink colour, 1 scoop protein powder of choice and sweetener of choice e.g. maple syrup, coconut sugar.

I also added a scoop of PURE - I’ve actually noticed the glow in my skin and my nails got stronger after adding this to my daily diet for two weeks!

Topped with yogurtpeanut butter, and jelly bar, cacao muesli, dusted almonds, and apple slices. Super nutrient-dense dessert-style breakfast that keeps you full until lunchtime!  

Recipe, images and words by Nourish and Flourish Sydney
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