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3-Pack PURE Natural Collagen Booster 30g

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Save 20% with 3 bottles of PURE Natural Collagen Booster, give the gift of health and beauty to the ones you love. 

Strong, healthy nails that grow fast and don’t break. Thick, luscious hair. Clear (no more dark spots!), firm, plump and glowing skin. No more gut issues, so good-bye bloating and constipation. Supple joints with no more inflammation.

All from a 100% organic, certified vegan, non-GMO and the highest concentrated source of natural silica (more than horsetail, bamboo and nettle!) - Premium Fossilised Algae. Nothing else.

Mixed with water, it works by replenishing one of the top 12 key trace substances our body needs, silicon; to maximise our body's ability to maintain and repair the gastrointestinal tract as well as produce Type I collagen - essential for nails, hair, skin and joints.

When it comes to silicon, absorption matters, so it can be fully utilised in the body and not expelled like most collagen supplements. Mixed with water and ingested, it becomes the most bioavailable form - Orthosilicic Acid (OSA).

It is also flavourless, easily dissolves, odourless, and resistant to both heat and cold, so it can easily be incorporated into any liquid (water, juice, smoothies, coffee, match, soups, etc.). No need to worry about taste or texture disrupting your favourite recipes! Simply mix it in and enjoy the benefits of increased collagen production on a daily basis.

Consistency is key when it comes to achieving transformation, and PURE Natural Collagen Booster makes it easy to stay consistent with your health and beauty routine.


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Our freshwater Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (also known as DE or Amorphous Silica) is a fine, powdery substance made from tiny, fossilised algae. It's predominantly silicon-rich (specifically the most bioavailable Orthosilicic Acid), but also contains 15 essential trace minerals including calcium, magnegium, iron and zinc. But not all Food Grade DE is made the same. Here's what sets PURE apart:

- We have the most potent and contentrated source of natural silicon at 96%, vs the average 80-90% in the market.

-Unlike cheaper versions, we maintain the highest level of purity, ensuring there are no traces of sediments and clay.

-We source exclusively from our own quarry in Gatton, Queensland. This grants us full control over the production process, enabling meticulous oversight, including comprehensive laboratory testing, to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety.

-We are Vegan and Non-GMO certified.

How to use

Dissolve half a teaspoon in at least 250ml of liquid. PURE is flavourless, odourless, heat and cold stable, so it's easy to incorporate into your favourite food & beverages. Juices, yogurt, oatmeal, soups and even plain water!

Nutrition Facts

Servings per package: 40

Standard serving size: 0.75g

Average Quantity Per Serving:

0.29kJ Energy

0.0022g Protein

0.0007g Saturated Fat

0g Trans Fat

0.0097g Carbohydrate

0.0037g Sugars

0.21mg Sodium

0.7g Amorphous Silica

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